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5 Reasons to Visit Savannah

Updated: May 26, 2019

Just hearing the name "Savannah" invokes a sense of grace, charm, and romance. If you've visited, you know Savannah lives up to that reputation, but it has more to offer than just whimsy. Here are our top 5 reasons we love Savannah:

1) The food (and drinks)

We'll post more on specific spots, but let me tell you - we've never had a bad meal in Savannah. While you will definitely find delicious Southern staples like shrimp and grits and fried catfish, you will also find fresh takes on the classics (I had a grilled cheese and tomato soup that knocked my socks off). If you’re like us and can never go too long without Indian or Thai food, Savannah’s got you covered there, too. And don’t worry, Vegetarians and Vegans, Southern home cookin’ doesn’t mean there aren’t options for you. Plus, every restaurant and bar has its own delicious cocktail concoctions that are more than worth the try. We’re not talking your standard, too-sweet alcoholic fruit juice. We’re talking inventive, creative, intriguing adult beverages. You can open a bottle of wine at home; you cannot recreate what those magicians do with a cocktail shaker.

2) Walk-ability

After you drive (or Uber) into town, you can pretty much leave the car in park. You may choose to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through town or pedal away on a pedal trolley (great for a large group!), but we recommend the old-fashioned way of exploring: walking. You can easily get to all 22 gorgeous squares (more on that below) in a weekend, even a day if you're feeling ambitious. How delightful it is to walk down the tree-lined streets, smell the flowers and produce in local markets, and just sit for a while in a beautiful square. There is no better way to get in your steps! And in the evening you’ll have no parking woes or concerns about responsible drinking, just walk to a nearby hotspot (there’s always a nearby hotspot).

3) Culture and art

You wouldn't necessarily think of an old-fashioned city as a beacon of culture and art, but this one is. SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) is a huge influence in the area, drawing students from all over the region and producing all kinds of productions, festivals, symposiums, and more. But SCAD isn't the only source for artful entertainment - the Jepson Center for the Arts hosts the latest exhibits; City Market houses several eclectic art galleries; and restaurants and bars around the city regularly host local musicians. There's also the Savannah Film Festival in the fall and the Savannah Music Festival in early spring.

4) Weather

There is not a bad time of year to visit Savannah. Fall delivers gorgeous colors (just think of all those squares with fall foliage!); winter is just cold enough to make the holidays magical while still being a haven for Northern snowbirds; and the spring is bright and beautiful (flowers, flowers, flowers). The summer is probably the most challenging given the heat and humidity, but it is manageable due to Savannah’s proximity to the ocean (and extra hair product). If it gets too hot for you, just head to the beach! Definitely check the weather before your visit and dress appropriately, but don’t be scared off of a visit in the “off” season in Savannah. It doesn’t have one.

5) Let's face it - it's pretty

The colony of Georgia began on the Savannah waterfront in 1733 so needless to say, there is a LOT of history here. And with that history comes street after street of historic homes and classic architecture. These are worth a mention because they add greatly to the overall feel of Savannah – the huge live oak trees draped in Spanish moss, the numerous and well-maintained city squares (and haunted cemeteries!), and the gorgeous old homes all work together to give Savannah its elegant, but laid-back vibe. Simply put, it’s easy on the eyes and just a delightful place to be.

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