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In Vino Veritas

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Sadly, In Vino Veritas has closed permanently... we will remember it very fondly. We are looking forward to trying @thesavoysocietysav. Watch this space for a review once it opens!

It was our first time in Savannah… we had flown cross-country into ATL and the drive from Atlanta had taken over 5 hours due to traffic and construction. By the time we arrived in Savannah, it was after 11pm and we were STARVING. And that’s when we learned that there aren’t many restaurant options still open after 11pm (travelers be warned).

Fortunately, In Vino Veritas was there to save the day. Even though it’s a wine bar rather than a restaurant, we had enough of their small plates to hold us over for the night. And once the haze of starvation started to lift, we quickly became intrigued by their unique approach to serving wine.

Wines on tap!

Thanks to their 25 wines on tap (that’s right – on tap), they’re able to offer customized wine flights analogous to the beer samplers you see at nearly every craft brewery these days. And you never need to worry about how long bottles have been open… the tap system ensures that each glass is just as fresh as the first one.

Wine flight

This means that wine connoisseurs can

explore lots of delicious options, AND those new to wine can figure out what they like without any attitude or an intimidating atmosphere.

So, don’t go to In Vino Veritas if you’re looking for a food-centered experience.  But do go if you’re looking for a fun experience with wine (and tasty bites) in an atmosphere that encourages social connection.  Sit at the bar with your date or take advantage of the large communal tables if you have a large group or are looking to join one.

Insider tip: Outside food is permitted in addition to the small plates offered.

In Vino Veritas, 102 E Liberty (Drayton Tower) Savannah, GA 31401, (912) 662-6665

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