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Open Containers in Savannah - Do's & Don'ts

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

As we know, Savannah is a super walkable city. Taking a leisurely stroll through downtown and stopping in a few squares along the way is already my all-time favorite way to experience the Hostess City. How do you improve upon perfection? Add cocktails, of course!

Yes, open containers are legal in Savannah’s Historic District! But before you take off with drink in hand, here’s what to know.

1) Do put your drink in a plastic cup... up to 16 ounces and preferably clear. Proudly display your beverage!

2) Don’t use a flask, bottle, can, beer helmet, camelbak, bucket…you get the idea.

3) Do go anywhere in the Historic District with your cup. Why would you want to leave anyway?

4) Don’t wander with your cup beyond the boundaries from River Street to Jones Street (north/south), and MLK Jr. Blvd and West Broad Street (east/west). (The southern border may be more flexible during special events.)

5) Do ask your bartender for an assist. No need to chug that beer; take it to go! Many bars even keep plastic cups by the door for self service!

6) Know thyself – don’t overdo it. While open containers are often encouraged, public drunkenness is still against the law. And it’s poor form. Don’t be that guy/girl.

7) Do take your pregame on the road. To go cups don’t have to come from a bar!

So go forth and enjoy a privilege very few cities provide. Stay smart and recycle. 😊

Insider tip: Sunday brunch is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but you won’t get that bloody mary until 12:30 on Sundays. No bars or restaurants can sell alcohol on Sundays before 12:30.

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